Do Vape Clouds Spread Traces Of Corona?!

While vaping in UAE, you might have heard that microbiologist Tom McLean recently sparked
fears claiming that vapers could be spreading coronavirus germs through second-hand vapour
clouds. The critical worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 has many people wondering if their
vape is infecting others and thus prolonging the spread of the virus, which the government is
taking strict measures to contain. However, apart from that theory, there is no actual evidence
to prove that vape clouds can carry enough germs that will infect others.

According to Dr. Neal Benowitz of the University of California San Francisco, the level of saliva
and mucus in your vape is so minimal that it is doubtful to cause an infection. He said,
“There is no data to support the theory COVID-19 could spread through e-cigarette vapour. It is
my understanding that exhaled e-cigarette vapor consists of microscopic particles of water,
propylene glycol, glycerine, and flavour chemicals. There are no droplets of saliva in the clouds
you produce from your Vapors R Us. The aerosol evaporates while droplets from coughing or
sneezing are significantly larger, and they linger in the air for a very long time, unlike the
smaller particles from vaping. Therefore, unless you or someone else nearby coughs or
sneezes while having a Dubai vape, there should be no risk of spreading COVID-19 from
breathing out clouds of vapour.

However, because of the current social distancing and mandatory isolation period enforced on
people around the world, there are some extra measures you should take while vaping in
Dubai. People should have special consideration for those around them at this time and avoid
any group gatherings until the government says so. If you live with other people and want to
have a vape, try to go on the balcony instead of blowing clouds indoors. There is no need
to ban vaping in UAE or cut back because of COVID-19 concerns. Our customers should take
precautions and be wary of when and where they are blowing their clouds. Smoking cigarettes,
on the other hand, is hazardous during this time because tobacco causes inflammation and lung
damage, which makes the tissues vulnerable to severe infections. Professor and Chief Medical
Officer, Chris Whitty said that now is the time for people to quit smoking. There is no mention
of problems with vaping in the world. If people cover their coughs or sneezes and practice social
distancing in adherence to the country’s lockdown rules, there is no danger when it comes to
vaping in UAE. You might not get to watch YouTube videos together on the big screen with a
lot of friends while cloud chasing, but you can relax knowing that you are not infecting anyone
else or in danger of contracting the disease.